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BALTMAX is a monoblock rooftop unit that can be integrated with a reversible inverter heat pump. The use of innovative solutions - such as SILENTCELL coating which allows for a significant reduction in the noise generated by the device, or control via JUPITER system, which allows the management of a group of devices via CLOUD or BMS – places BALTMAX in the first row of most up-to-date HVAC products. The use of a multi-directional base allows the device to be installed not only on the roof but it provides a full range of possibilities for connecting the device to the installation.
Baltmax is one of the innovation leaders ready to offer solutions based solely on reversible inverter heat pumps, which have a technological advantage over on-off compressors, providing designed and expected thermal comfort inside the building as well as significant operational savings.


Compact heating-cooling-ventilation units with modular air distribution system.
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Suspended compact AHU it’s classic solution be able to mounting under the ceiling or vertical position.
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Horizontal compact air handling units are a solution be able to versatile
install both inside and outside.
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Universal air conditioning solution with the possibility use to integrate
the AHU with heat pump section for units with huge volume air flow.
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focuses on creating devices that go beyond widely and easily available patterns, allowing our users unprecedented design and arrangement possibilities, but also providing significant savings, both investment and operational.
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