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Baltherm is a company brings together a group of engineers with many years of experience who have built a rooftops, heat pumps and air handling units for leading manufacturers. Our team create the specialists in the field of heating, cooling, ventilation and device design, who want to combine passion and present an innovative approach, joined their efforts to create unique devices. By using an innovative design while maintaining high quality, we can fully compete with other manufacturers. The devices of modern design is being created by us characterized such advantages as versatility and simplicity of installation.

Our vision focuses on creating devices that go beyond the generally accepted schemes, allowing our users to unprecedented arrangement possibilities, but also giving large savings, both in terms of investment and exploitation.
In our offer, apart from compact devices, you will also find an offer of ductless and roof-mounted solutions.

The advantage of our solutions is unconventional approach to the construction of devices, which combined with the highest quality components, give us an excellent effect.

An example of such an unconventional solution is the BOXer device, which has great arrangement possibilities, both at the level of duct solutions and ductless ventilation.

The versatility of our solutions allows except realization of ventilation, to fully ensure comfort by providing heating and air conditioning. Due to our experience in the field of heat pumps, we place great accent on promoting solutions powered by this source. The range of possibilities, except heat pumps, also allows the use of electric, gas or water heating.

Our company has a modern machine park for sheet metal processing with laser angle measurement,
operated by qualified specialists team.

Compact heating-cooling-ventilation units with modular air distribution system.
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Suspended compact AHU it’s classic solution be able to mounting under the ceiling or vertical position.
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Horizontal compact air handling units are a solution be able to versatile
install both inside and outside.
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Universal air conditioning solution with the possibility use to integrate
the AHU with heat pump section for units with huge volume air flow.
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