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The BOXer system is compact solution for the roof device

with heating, cooling and ventilation. This system, by definition, is to be a decentralized solution,
which through the multiplication and distribution of air based on the Quadrowing ventilation
cassette, eliminates the need to build time-consuming and expensive ventilation and air-conditioning
installations. In other words, it is a PLUG & PLAY device, which after being placed on a roof plinth,
does not require additional expenditure to achieve the goal of providing heating, ventilation and air
conditioning. Of course, the compactness of the system can be used in classic installations.

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Quadrowing ventilation cassette

is part of the BOXer system whose task is to provide the right
amount of fresh air at temperature that allows to maintain thermal comfort in the room, regardless
of the outside temperatures.
The air after required qualitative thermal treatment in the external device is directed into the room through a telescopic channel that allows the height of the cassette to be adjusted. The supply airflow is directed by the telescope's overcoat and goes to the outlet ending with a profiled blade in the shape of curved double wing, which rotates around its axis to direct the air stream. Depending on the height of the floor and the process that is currently carried out by the device, the blades rotate in a specific way to ensure thermal comfort. The exhaust air is optionally realized through the exhaust grille on the bottom of the cassette or independently from the exhaust grille outside the cassette.

Compact heating-cooling-ventilation units with modular air distribution system.
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Suspended compact AHU it’s classic solution be able to mounting under the ceiling or vertical position.
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Horizontal compact air handling units are a solution be able to versatile
install both inside and outside.
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Universal air conditioning solution with the possibility use to integrate
the AHU with heat pump section for units with huge volume air flow.
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