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Compact suspended BALTOP air handling units

Compact suspended BALTOP air handling units are classical solution that allows installation under the ceiling, or the possibility of vertical installation on or against the wall.
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AHU elements
EC fan set
in the innovative SilentCELL chamber made of impermeable absorbing material allowing for a
significant noise reduction
Integrated automation 
with safety switch
Integrated recirculation damper
the recirculation damper in units BALTOP 030 or 045 as option
Universal execution
allows for suspending the device and placing it vertically. All components, including the heat exchanger's drip tray, are prepared for operation in two positions
Spring screw lock
allows for easy assembly of the panel and certainty of closing and tightness of the device
Possibility to arrange ducts
Many possibilities to arrange the ducts, the possibility of combining rectangular and round ducts
High-efficiency counterflow
plate heat exchanger equipped in by-pass
with actuator
A place for mounting the heater
As standard, the device is equipped with a place allow installation of a water or electric heater
without the need to install additional sections or modules.
Panel corners
are made of composite, which excludes leaks in the places where the sheets are joined

Compact heating-cooling-ventilation units with modular air distribution system.
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Suspended compact AHU it’s classic solution be able to mounting under the ceiling or vertical position.
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Horizontal compact air handling units are a solution be able to versatile
install both inside and outside.
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Universal air conditioning solution with the possibility use to integrate
the AHU with heat pump section for units with huge volume air flow.
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